Sunday, January 13, 2008

Psalm 32

Father, I am filled with joy because you have forgiven my rebellion against you. For years, I was your enemy, fighting against your authority. Still, I too often reject you and worship false idols. But, you are faithful to forgive me, and I praise your glorious grace.

Every day, I sin against you. I miss the standard of your perfection. I fall short of your glory. Yet, you do not hold my sin against me. Through Jesus, you have covered my sin. You look at me and see his atonement for my sins, and you do not find me guilty.

I celebrate you and your amazing grace! I am happy beyond comprehension. Yet, I ask you to give me even greater joy. Help me to see even greater joy in your grace. Help me to be so filled with joy that everyone around me sees what you offer. Make me a city on a hill to be a beacon for those around me. Help me show your glory so that more people will one day live eternally in your city.

Father, I know that everything I have comes from you. I thank you for the countless blessings you give me. I thank you for every thing I have, every breath I take. May I live my life for your glory. Help me to take up my cross and follow you. Give me boldness in proclaiming your greatness. Give me strength to resist temptation. Give me the love for others that would shine through me and draw people to you.

Father, I pray for the family of Scott Harvey. This is a difficult time as they deal with his death. His death shows us once again that we are not guaranteed tomorrow on earth. Help us to understand that we must use our time wisely for our eternal investment in your glory.

I also pray again for the family of Kamie Baker. Again, the death of a young parent shows that each day is a gift. Nothing on earth matters more than our eternal relationship with you. I pray that you would be with her family, especially Cheyenne, and bring them comfort that can only come from you. I pray this loss would bring them closer to you. I also ask you to be with family of the people injured in the other car. Heal them physically and spiritually.

And I ask you to continue blessing Josh and Tina West, and their little girl Ella. Help Ella recover and give her strength to grow up healthy and strong. Be with the medical staff and give them all wisdom and compassion. Guide them as they treat Ella.

I pray that you would be with Mike and Meredith. Meet their needs each day and show them that you are faithful. Bless them as they begin to build a marriage founded on you; help them build a marriage that would serve the world as a model of Christ's relationship with his bride, the church.

Bless Rhonda and her children and they begin to prepare for Frank's return home. Be with them as they reconnect with each other and family. Keep them safe and content as they travel.

Bless Leslie and she works through her math class. Help her succeed in school and achieve her goals.

Father, be with Latrelle's father Alec. Give him your mercy and healing. Bless his family.

And father, I ask that you be with those families who lost loved ones in the accidents on I-4 this past week. Be with those who are still in the hospital or have difficult recoveries ahead of them. Help everyone come to know you more through these events. Not even a bird dies apart from your will; I know you have a purpose in everything. May your purpose be done and may your name be glorified.

Father, bless my students as they prepare to finish their semester. For many of them, these are stressful times. They work so hard and are asked to do so much. Give them peace and help them succeed. And be with me as I work to finalize the semester. And bless me as I begin teaching a new subject.

I can approach your throne with confidence because of Jesus who is my advocate. I know that whatever I ask in his name, according to your will, will be done. Amen.

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