Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is God busy?

Today I listened to a sermon on prayer from John Piper. He mentioned the view some people have that "God has better things to do than listen to my prayers." He said, while this sounds like humility--the person sees themselves as unimportant--it is really arrogance. It is saying God gets busy, that he can only do so much, that he cannot hear a regular individual person's prayer and take care of the rest of the world. On the other hand, if we believe God is all powerful, then we must believe hearing our prayers and the prayers of billions of other people, and directing the affairs of governments, and deciding when a single sparrow dies, all combined together, still equal less work for God than the work required for a person to take a breath. And if God is that powerful, we should take every issue, every problem, every concern, every hope, every praise we have to him.


Father, I thank you and praise you for being you--for being completely powerful. I praise you for being willing to take my concerns upon yourself. I thank you for being so great and so loving that you can take my problems and that you want to take my problems.

And father, I thank you for the great blessing of teachers, such as John Piper, who help me to know you better. And I thank you for the blessing of iTunes that allows me to hear teaching from all around the world. I know every good thing comes from you.

Thank you, in the name of Jesus, through whom you have given me all things. Amen.

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