Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 Cor 8

Father, as I study through your word and reflect more on you, I am always more and more amazed, more and more encouraged, more and more satisfied in you. You are truly great and loving.

When you brought your people out of Egypt, you met their every need. Even when they forgot you and worshiped idols, you continued to care for them. You gave them manna--just enough that they were satisfied. You provided them with their daily bread.

Father, I pray that you will provide me with my daily bread. But, you have already done so much more. I have too much food. Help me to live less for food that perishes and more for food that leads to eternal life.

Give me the grace to give myself to you first and then to others. Give me the grace to have so much faith in you that I not only have the desire to use my resources for your glory but that I also have the follow-through to complete my desire.

May I always remember the inconceivable blessing received because Jesus temporarily set aside the riches of heaven and took on the form of a simple man from a simple town. May I always remember that I am rich beyond measure, not because I have a large house, multiple cars, and a 401k, but because you made me rich through an inheritance of glory. And may I always realize that I am also rich in earthly measures, but it is more blessed to give than to receive. May I see the riches you have entrusted to me, not as a security blanket that makes me have less need of you, but as a sacred trust that makes me focus on you more.

May my giving be eager and cheerful; may my giving be pleasing to you and acceptable.

Father, I also ask that you bless my teaching of your word. Help me truthfully handle your word and help me show your glory. Send your Spirit to work through me and to work in the hearts of all the Life Group members, including myself, so that your word would take hold of our lives.

I ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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