Saturday, August 2, 2008

Making decisions should not be difficult

Challies has posted a relatively long (for a blog), but very interesting post on teaching children about God. In his discussion, he mentions how often he sees Christians struggle with discerning what God would have them do in specific situations. He wrote: "Making decisions should not be difficult. Hearing the voice of God and receiving guidance from Him is as simple as opening the Scriptures." Oh how true that is. He mentions a book by Sinclair Ferguson, Faithful God, that helped him. I would also like to add Bruce Waltke's Knowing the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? But, first, read Challies's post.


Father, thank you for being a God who does not hide your will from your children. Thank you for being a God of communication, of revelation. You have revealed yourself to your people. I think of the words of Augustine, who said, "Love God and do as you please." Help me to love you with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength and all my mind. If I do that, I cannot help but also love my neighbor as myself. And with those two greatest commandments, I can know your will in any situation. Do what is motivated by love of you and others. Do what honors you and shows your glory. Help me to do that, for in my body, I am weak. I am sinful. But through your Spirit, I am being changed and made into the image of your son, Jesus. May I be more like him every day. And in his name I pray. Amen.

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