Friday, August 8, 2008

Charlotte's birthday

Today, 08.08.08, Charlotte Moon turns 1 year old. She moves from baby to toddler. She is walking and knows some sign language. She even created her own sign for "hug." She's just so cute and lovable it is almost unbelievable.


Father, thank you for the wonderful gift of Charlotte Moon. All good things come from you, and having a child is an unparalleled blessing. Help me to be a good father. Help me model your love, discipline, compassion, grace, and wisdom for her. Help me to teach her about you so that she will come to love you with all her heart, all her mind, all her strength and all her soul. Work in her life and call her to know you. Help me plant a seed in her soul; but only you can make her grow spiritually. I pray that you will cause her to grow in you; conform her into the image of your Son.

Help me live my life so that she sees in me what it means to know you. Help me to be an encouragement to Charlotte. Help me care for her and guide her. And help me to trust her to your care.

Father, make Jesus the foundation of my household.


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Jennifer said...

From my perspective, God is answering this prayer every day.