Monday, August 4, 2008

still Missions Monday

It's still Missions Monday and I received an email from M in Asia. She'll be working with some new missionaries and asked for prayer as they adjust. She also asked for prayer for those new Christians she's working to disciple.


Father, help M and her teammates form a new team devoted to accomplishing your mission in Asia. Help them form a Christian bond together so that they can encourage each other and strengthen each other. Help them minister to each other and each of them ministers to the people of Asia.

Bless those new Christians among them. Give them the strength to resist those things that will try to pull them away from you. Give them courage to face any persecution and to stand for your glory and their salvation. Bless them and build them up, for M and others may plant the seed and water the seed, but only you can make it grow. And we can have confidence that you will make it grow, for we know that you will complete the work you have begun in their lives. You place your seal on each new believer and promise to keep them, through your power. And no plan of yours can be thwarted.

I praise you and pray to you in the name of Jesus, because the LORD saves. Amen.

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