Sunday, February 1, 2009


"‘O Lord God, you have only begun to show your
servant your greatness and your mighty hand.
For what god is there in heaven or on earth who
can do such works and mighty acts as yours?"
~ Dt. 3:24, ESV

Father, you truly are great and wondrous. You created the entire universe--its vast reaches and unfathomable expanse--by your own will. And you created every single human, including me. And you did all this for the glory of your name.

And you sustain everything by your power, according to your will, for your glory. May all creation praise you and tell of your magnificence.

Teach me your word. Give me a heart to know you and live for you. Let my passion in life be to bring you glory and enjoy you forever.

And let my passion for you overflow in front of others. Let me be a witness for you. Make me a city on a hill; make me live so that people see you working through me and give you glory. Bring me opportunities to share your good news, and give me the words to speak when those opportunities appear to me.

Bless my church family; unite our hearts together as the body of Christ. Let us experience the fullness of your Spirit, and use us to present your glory and grace to our community and throughout the world. Teach us your word and give us hearts to love your truth.

Teach me to use my career for your glory. Teach me to work for you and not for worldly purposes.

I ask these things confidently by the name of Jesus, my high priest and advocate before you. Amen.

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