Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mt 6:7

When you pray, don't babble like the idolaters, since they imagine they'll be heard for their many words.
Matthew 6:7, CSB

My wife informed me that when she reads my prayer blog, she just reads the first sentence of every paragraph. Let's see what she sees.


Father, when disaster strikes a land, you are in control.

Father, you are a loving God, and I pray for all the people directly affected by this disaster.

Father, I pray that people everywhere would see this and know that literally, "There but by the grace of God, go I."

I pray that your people in Myanmar will be able to use this disaster to share your glory as they trust in you and find joy in you.

I pray that your rich church in the Western world would wake up to the luxury and consumerism that plagues our spiritual lives.

Father, I pray that the great aspects of economic development, including good hygiene and the simple ability to communicate news of impending weather, could spread across the world.

May the world come to know you through this disaster.

I ask all this in the name of Jesus, who suffered so much and now stands as a high priest who is able to sympathize with our needs.



Since it's clear she would get the main points just from the first sentences, I am faced with two options to consider: either I am a babbler who thinks I'll be heard for my many words, or I am just a good writer who uses topic sentences well. Or, perhaps it's both. What say you?

That question was directed to you, Jennifer, since Google analytics tells me you're really the only one who reads my blog.

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Jennifer said...

I only read the first few sentences because quite honestly, I feel like I am spying in on your prayer time when I read this blog. I don't want to be a prayin' Tom, so I skim it to give me an idea of what is on your heart and what I should be praying for.

It never really occurred to me that this was anything other than your personal prayer journal. If it had been in a book, I wouldn't pick it up to read, so I handle this blog the same way.

To answer your question, I'd say that you are a good writer and communicator. Knowing that no one else reads your blog, I think that you don't have to worry about the pride of "many words." God says to pray his word back to him, and that is what you do in most of your paragraphs.

Keep it up... I think God likes it.