Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Father, your power and glory are all around me. I see you working in the world in so many ways. Your grace and mercy are evident in the lives of friends who trust you through extreme trials. You are truly sufficient to meet all our needs. How can we not joyfully come to you in our times of need when we know you are the one who created the entire universe from nothing? Who else could possibly meet our every need? How can we possibly not come to you in our times of need when we know that you love us and showed that love by sending your son to serve as a ransom for us--rescuing us from our sins? Who else would possibly meet our every need? But, still, our sinful nature, our pride, our constant rebellion from your authority and power, leads us to try things our own way. How can we possibly come to you when our very nature puts us at war with you? Only through your calling and grace can we come to you; you change our hearts and draw us to you. Father, how thankful I am that you bridged the gap between us; when I was eternally lost, you came in search of me. Father, you sent your Son Jesus, who came down from eternal glory and lived and died for me, so that I could come to you. I pray that I would find my strength and security in you, rather than in myself. For I know that you are able to meet all my needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Father, I pray that you would be with Frank and he returns to Iraq. He is investing so many years of his life to this cause; bring him success and bring peace to that region. Help him prepare the security forces of that nation to maintain peace in their land. But, more importantly, change the hearts of the people there; for that is the only way true peace will come to them. And I pray that you would continue to bless Rhonda and her children through this difficult time. Give them peace in their hearts. And may they serve as a witness for you to Frank and others. I pray that you would bring people into Frank's life who can be a witness for you and show him your glory.

I ask that you would be with Marsha and her doctors; help them know what is wrong and how to fix it. Bring healing to Marsha. And work in the life of Joe to bring him to know you; change his heart so that he too could know the power of your love and grace.

I pray that you would bless Todd and Sheri as they search for a church. Help them have wisdom and discernment to find a church family that can meet their spiritual needs as well as offer a place for them to become part of a true community of people called out for your glory.

Father, please bless M in Asia as she reaches out to the people. Give her strength and peace in her heart through all the trying times; help her overcome every struggle. Your grace is sufficient. Give her success in her ministry according to your will. And I pray the same for all your missionaries throughout the world.

And Father, I pray that you would give Jennifer and me wisdom and discernment to know what is right in our lives; help us know which paths to take. We know that you, the God who would send his Son to die for us, would not then withhold anything we need to bring you glory. And we know that you would not hide your will from us. If anyone lacks wisdom, all he has to do is ask the one who gives generously; and so we ask you for your guidance in our lives.

We thank you for being not only great and powerful, but loving and gracious. While we were rebels deserving nothing but your wrath, you ransomed us through the death of Jesus; through his resurrection, you gave us eternal life. And now, we who were once your enemies, have become heirs with Christ to an unimaginable fortune of grace and glory. May we remember everyday we are here for you. May we remember that we are not here to be served, but to serve, just as Jesus modeled for us. Bless us as we enter the world each day to serve others for your glory.

I ask all these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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