Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why be normal? 1 Sam 8

This past Sunday, I taught a study on 1 Sam 8, where the Hebrew people demand Samuel appoint a king to lead them, "just as all the other nations have." The people who were called to be holy (separate) just wanted to be part of the crowd. And despite God's warning that a king would be oppressive, they wanted to be like everyone else.

Also this past weekend, my school students participated in the regional science fair. That concluded months of work and gave me a slight break in my stress levels (whether it was eustress or distress I am not yet sure). But, I can now start planning for the next year's fair.


Father, Lord of all creation, I come to you in humble praise of your great power and amazing love. May your kingdom extend throughout the world; may people everyone come to know you and see your glory. May I glorify you today and every day.

Father, I thank you for your wise guidance that you offer your people. Despite all the times we reject you, you still love us and lead us. Your patience and love is truly great. But there are times when you let us have our ways and suffer the consequences. When the Hebrew people rejected you as their king and demanded a human ruler, you warned them. But, they rejected you just as they always had. You gave them a king and they felt the heavy hand of government.

Still, you promised to never leave nor forsake your elect, and you did not leave them or forsake them. You continued unfolding your redemptive plan through history, and you are still saving people from themselves today. I pray that today many more people will come to know you as their father and their king.

I pray that you would work through those missionaries, such as Ionel and M, Rick and Kelly, and so many others throughout the world. And I pray your people everywhere would do whatever it is they do today for your glory and act like lights to the world. May I be a witness for you today to those around me.

And Father, as we in America continue to move through our electoral process, I pray that your will be done. Today is our Super Tuesday, but it is also politics as usual. May your people be able to rise above political rhetoric and become salt in the world. May we bring you glory and praise through our actions. May we show the world that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. May we be active in the political process as citizens, but may we remember that no government can solve the eternal problems of man; only you have the salvation of our souls. May we not place our trust in human government, but may we trust in your eternal, unthwartable plan. May we act according to your will and bring you honor.

Whoever wins this election, I can trust you are in control. You establish kings and you dethrone kings (Dan 2:21). I pray that you would guide and protect our next president and our nation. Bless us and lead us as a people.

Father, I thank you for all your blessings that you shower upon us each day. Our sinful works entitle us to nothing but your wrath, so every good thing we receive is purely by your grace. And you give us so many good things. May we always be thankful for your graciousness.

I pray that you would be with Leslie as she takes her college exams. Give her wisdom and help her bring you honor and praise.

And I pray for the West family. I can only imagine their trials that continue with Ella's health. Give the Wests wisdom and courage and faith as they work with the medical professionals to care for their daughter. I pray that you would help Ella heal and go on to live a healthy life dedicated to you.

Bless Allen Weese as he recovers from his injury in boot camp. Bless Jacob Smith in his recovery from a broken foot. Bless Debra as she recovers from her ankle surgery. Bless Steve's family.

Father, I thank you that we can know all our needs will be met according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Php 4:19) in whose name I pray. Amen.

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